Patch Notes Version 2.5.0

03 May 2024

General Changes

  • The Rarity Management window's UI has been updated.
  • It is now possible to upgrade an item's Rarity using the Rarity Management window.
    • In order to do that, talk to Peach in Flarine and select the Rarity Management option.
    • To upgrade an item's rarity by 1 (for example, from Common to Uncommon), 2 of the same item with the same rarity are required, as well as Basic/Refined/Impeccable Metals based on the item's Item Level.
  • Added multiple new features to the SFX engine. They're not yet in use, but please let us know if you find anything out of the ordinary, as we've updated a decent share of the SFX engine for this.
  • The following updates have been applied to improve the performance of multi-clienting:
    • Most rendering will now pause when the window is minimized.
    • The option "Limit framerate when inactive" has been added below the FPS cap setting, which caps FPS at 30 when the window is out of focus. Disabled by default.
  • The following options have been added to the Game Settings:
    • "Gameplay -> Characters -> Nameplates": Toggles all nameplates on the screen.
    • "Gameplay -> Cosmetics -> Show Shield": Toggles showing own character's Shield.
    • "Gameplay -> Cosmetics -> Show Nameplate": Toggles showing own character's nameplate.
  • Greatly improved the performance of nameplates in crowded areas by better caching their data. This should improve performance in crowded areas regardless of players having nameplates or not.
  • The amount of Adventurer EXP required for each level of the Adventurer's Log has been increased from 60 back to 100, as intended.
  • The quality of world rendering for distant details has been increased.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue where selling an item for more than 100,000,000 Penya without using the Perin option would not show the correct amount in the information text.
  • Corrected several issues causing movement predictions from users moving using directional keys to fail, causing teleportations.
    • The "Omnidirectional" keyboard mode has been re-introduced as the issue with it was linked to that.
  • Corrected an issue causing Krrr's "Ground Shatter" attack to cast for way longer than intended.
  • Lowered the height of nameplates, improving their behaviour when being rendered close to the top of the screen.