Gameplay FAQ

Q. Why does my armor have no gender? Can I wear it?

A. All Armor items can be worn by any gender here on Chronicles of Madrigal! No need for an Item Transy or anything of the sort. Just double click the item and you're good to go!

Q. What does the Elite Pass offer?

A. The Elite Pass offers various perks, ranging from free Dungeon Scroll Fragments to the access to special areas! You can check the in-game Item Wiki to view all the perks.

Q. What are the server rates?

A. Our server rates are fully custom in order for us to be able to manage everything easily. In comparison to the average FlyFF private server, they're around low rate.

Q. What class should I pick as a beginner?

A. On Chronicles of Madrigal, any class works for any job. Some classes are sightly better at some things than others, but overall we aim for a good balance between every class. You can view a short presention of the classes here.

Q. Am I required to complete quests in order to level up?

A. Quests give a fair amount of EXP and rewards, so we heavily recommend completing them. However, if that is not your desired gameplay, you can still progress without completing any quest.

Q. How does Penya farming work here?

A. There is two main options:

    • Shelid's Resting, which is a 1v1 dungeon with no cooldown, that players may enter as much as they'd like. Defeating monsters rewards players with Penyas and Nuggets.
      Repeatable Missions, which require you to kill a certain amount of a random monster in an area for Penya. The list of Missions is accessible via the Mission Window (F).
  • Of course though, it is possible to gain Penya from a lot of other means, like obtaining items and then selling them to players. The most common examples would include equipment items or upgrading materials.

    Technical FAQ

    Q. My game launches with the error "Could not find any compatible Direct3D devices"

    A. Delete the "dbghelp.dll" file from your Chronicles of Madrigal folder. If this does not work, you need to update your drivers!