Event Novice Token Exchange

29 June 2024

In order to give newer players a smoother time catching up to enjoy the endgame with the bigger part of Chronicles of Madrigal's playerbase, the Novice Token Exchange permanent event is now available!

Novice's Discount Token

The following dungeons will now drop Novice's Discount Tokens:

  • The Savage Wilds (1x)
  • Catacombs of Anguish (2x)
  • Cursed Aminus (2x)
  • Kalgas's Cave (3x)
  • Contaminated Rhisis Trails (3x)
  • Ankou's Asylum (3x)
  • Forgotten Ruins (5x)
  • Palace of Darkness (5x)

Pang, the Novice Token exchange NPC

The Helper Pang has arrived in Northern Flarine! Everyone knows him, and how helpful he usually is; in these terms, he has not changed one bit.

Pang will exchange equipment for varying quantities of Novice's Discount Tokens.