Patch Notes Version 3.0.0 - The Roikan Connection

30 May 2024

The Roikan Connection content update

New Scenario Chapter: The Roikan Connection

Long after the Basilisk was defeated, the effects of its power are finally waning. With the ancient seal cast by Shade now dissolving, a rift has torn open south of the Bahara Desert. Where will that portal lead? Accompanied by Reonan and Reodos, the adventurer crosses the portal. Before their eyes, a mystical, otherworldly landscape unfolds: the Ethereal Nexus.

  • A new continent has been unlocked:
    • Ethereal Nexus
  • New quests are now available:
    • 5 Scenario Quests
    • 16 General Quests (Daily - Ethereal Nexus)

Talent Tree

A Talent Tree has been added to Chronicles of Madrigal! It is accessible via the Start Menu -> Custom Content -> Talent Tree. Do note that the completion of the Main Scenario Quest up until the beginning of this patch is required to unlock it.

The Talent Tree allows players to invest Talent Points and use Talent Gems in order to strenghten their character and unlock unique traits & interactions.

Daily Quests

The residents of Flarine have heard that the adventurer has entered the Ethereal Nexus, and news have spread about the Masquerpets being in there. As such, they will ask the adventurer to complete a variety of tasks in there, since they wish to learn more about, and eventually collect items from, the Ethereal Nexus.

Completing Daily Quests will grant Talent Points. 16 Daily Quests are available for the Ethereal Nexus, out of which 8 can be completed per day.

Completion of the Main Scenario Quest until the end of the current patch is required to unlock this feature.

New instanced content

The following dungeon is now accessible:

  • Ethereal Plains
    • Level Requirement: 120
    • Item Level Requirement: 210
    • Members: 1 - 6
    • Daily Energy: 1
    • This dungeon yields Talent Points, as well as Talent Gems and items used for the creation of Talent Gems.

Other Changes

General Changes

  • The render distance for water reflections has been increased, which should reduce the amount of times where it "snaps in". Do note that this will require a little more processing power if the water quality setting is set to "High" or "Maximum".
  • "Dungeon Scroll (v1.0)" has been renamed to "Dungeon Scroll (Low)".
    • It now includes Forgotten Ruins & Palace of Darkness.
  • "Dungeon Scroll (v2.0)" has been renamed to "Dungeon Scroll (High)".
    • It no longer includes Forgotten Ruins & Palace of Darkness.
  • It is no longer possible to teleport to the entrance of dungeons with a quest requirement attached if the quest hasn't been acquired yet.
  • Character & Guild Names that have not been manually renamed since the merge have now been renamed to a random string of characters.

Balance Changes

  • Jester / Harlequin
    • The effects of Rapid Volley have been converted to Haste & Haste Cap in order to no longer be hidden from the user. This change should be transparent at 100% Haste, but makes the buff stronger than before when below that amount.
  • Psykeeper / Mentalist
    • Demonology: Range increased from 10 meters to 15 meters.
    • Mind Eater: [PvP] Attack Modifier increased from 0.56 to 0.61.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected several issues where actions were being captured when the window was not focused.
  • The way stat application works has been updated, correcting issues where certain stats that didn't need to be rounded down were rounded down (Cooldown Reduction, Defense Penetration).
  • Corrected an issue where deleting a character merged from another cluster would offset the slots of the following characters in the Character Selection Window, causing crashes and other problems.
  • Corrected an issue where the elements of certain types of listboxes would not be selected properly after scrolling down.
  • The listbox of the Character Selection Window now has enough space to display 6 characters, as originally intended.
  • Corrected an issue causing auras to lag behind when moving.
  • The blinking mail indicator in the Messenger window is no longer frame-based.
  • Corrected an issue where, in very rare cases, the auto-pin mission option could cause repeated client crashes upon completing a mission.
  • It is no longer possible to name a guild the same name as an existing guild with a different casing.