Event Dungeon Hunt

24 April 2024

We're re-introducing a classic event from last year's server launch. In this event you will be able to unlock unique dungeon related cosmetics and obtain our event-exclusive Love Chocolate consumable!

This event will be active for two weeks, which means until the 8th of May!

New Drops

During this event the following dungeons will each drop a dungeon crate unique to their dungeon.

  • Savage Wilds
  • Molten Core
  • Catacombs of Anguish
  • Cursed Aminus
  • Ankou's Asylum
  • Kalgas's Cave
  • Contaminated Rhisis Trails

These crates have a 100% droprate and you will drop exactly 1 per run (per person).

Within these crates you can find 1 of 3 things:

  • Event Shards (most likely)
  • Love Chocolate (rare)
  • Dungeon Specific Cosmetic item (very rare)

The dungeon specific cosmetics you can obtain are the following:

Savage Wilds Pet Choice Box

Contains an SFX-Pet of your choosing among 5 Pets.

Molten Core Aura Choice Box

Contains either the Molten Armor Aura or Molten Weapon Aura of your choosing.

Kheldor Cloak Choice Box

Contains 1 of 10 newly designed Kheldor Cloak color variants of your choosing.

Vampire Weapon Choice Box

Contains a Vampire Weapon Model Skin of your choosing.

Ankou's Mount

You can get yourself a cool new ride and mount Ankou himself!

Baby Kargo Pet

You can steal one of Kalgas's beloved babies, and use him as your personal pet.

Frozen Armor Aura

Take the power of Contaminated Meteonyker and get yourself a "cool" Armor Aura.

The chance to get these cosmetics from the crate directly is pretty low, so as a fallback guarantee you can also craft them from Event Shards which you will find in these crates aswell! Please note that all of them will also require dungeon materials from the matching dungeon.